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VirtuPharma Joins NVIDIA Inception to Propel Innovation in Remote Healthcare

SYDNEY, Australia — December 20, 2023 — VirtuPharma, a pioneer in the creation of digital twins for state-of-the art medical and laboratory devices, has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program that nurtures startups revolutionising industries with technological advancements.

The move marks a strategic development towards harnessing VirtuPharma’s innovative technology with the power of NVIDIA’s expertise to revolutionise remote healthcare.

Joining NVIDIA Inception will help VirtuPharma to advance and optimise its digital twins’ performance on NVIDIA Omniverse, a development platform for building 3D tools and applications on the OpenUSD standard. Additionally, it will leverage NVIDIA CloudXR for streaming augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) content, and NVIDIA Clara for accelerating the development of its AI-assisted healthcare applications. The program will also offer VirtuPharma the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and organisations worldwide.

Dr Mariam Mnatsakanyan, founder of VirtuPharma, stated, “We are privileged to join the program. It aligns perfectly with our mission to revolutionise lab work for better healthcare outcomes through advanced technology. This collaboration will empower us to leverage NVIDIA's technology, push the boundaries of conventional lab work, and ultimately enhance clinical outcomes."

“Our mission is to enhance collaborative asset utilisation and resource management via the notion of democratising science. At a university level, students can learn how to operate highly specialised devices and get hands-on experience in real time, enhancing their job readiness,” Dr Mnatsakanyan added.

Joining NVIDIA Inception opens doors for VirtuPharma to receive technical guidance, go-to-market support, and opportunities to collaborate with other companies globally. This collaboration will expedite research and development efforts, facilitate operational scalability, and enable the delivery of ground-breaking solutions to the company’s customers more efficiently.

About VirtuPharma

VirtuPharma, base at Sydney University’s Knowledge Hub, is an emerging technology company that digitizes access to complex state-of-the art laboratory and medical devices for experimentation, training, and collaboration. Our mission is to empower healthcare and lab professionals with interoperable solutions and make personalized education on complex facilities remotely accessible, democratizing scientific resources for global good.

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Dr Mariam Mnatsakanyan, Founder & Chief Scientist

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